Top 15 Best Learning Apps For Students

Everyone is different, and so is there understanding. But as the phrase says nothing is impossible even the word impossible says “I M Possible,” I believe we just need the correct guidance and support.

If you are an introvert student who is not that comfortable in asking questions in front of the whole class, then don’t worry at all, technology has a solution for you as well.

Now you can easily avail a class of the subject which you think is tough, at any time and can watch it repeatedly till you are clear with the concepts.

These learning apps are boon for the student who wants to score excellently in their exams and for parents who are worried about their child scores.

These interactive learning apps are a fun way to learn the most difficult chapters with a finger tap. The best learning apps for the student are the one which a student enjoys and which clears his concepts easily.

Here I’ll be telling about the best learning apps for students available in the market which are a smart, informative and user-friendly, helping student’s development and learning process, by making studies interesting. Here you go:

1)  Show My Homework

Show My Homework is an online app for checking and allotting homework utilized by over a large portion of a million guardians, faculties, and students each month. As soon as your institution joins this app by signing up, you can use this app to access your classes as well as assignments.The teachers can assess, give reviews on homework and also can check the history of the student’s homework. And if we talk about its benefits for students, so it allows the students to keep track of their assignments as well as the academic calendar, give online quizzes and submit all his work online. Parents can also assess the performance of their children through this app merely by registering on this app and tracking.

2)Class Dojo

ClassDojo is a predictable and organized classroom management tool intended to enable instructors to improve students conduct and communicate more viable with guardians. It tends to be utilized to a little or enormous degree relying upon your time, reason, and intrigue as a feature of the conduct management. The students are awarded points for good conduct such as good performance, behavior, in the class, sincerity, etc. and also get negative points for negative practices, for example, insincerity, bad conduct, irregularity, lack of focus, creating troubles for the classmates etc.  This app can be used by the student, teacher, parents, as well as school leaders. It gives students a voice with advanced portfolios. Also, it allows to right away offer photographs, recordings, and declarations on Class Story, or secretly message with any parent. Also, Educators, school pioneers, and families can afford accomplice on ClassDojo and make an unbelievable school network.

3)Show Me Interactive Whiteboard

ShowMe Interactive whiteboard application is an application that permits instructors and students of all ages to make presentations called ‘Show Me’s that can be shared through the gadget on online privately or to a certain group. ShowMe allows you to record voice-over whiteboard tutorials of your picked topic by utilizing various facilities available on the app, for example, adding text, drawings, photos, and images. A Variety of uses of this app are that it easily clarify a scope of topics from math to science to music hypothesis , it allows to add Show Me’s to your Do-It-Yourself blog, it allows to Use ShowMe as an intuitive whiteboard substitute as well as it provides a platform to showcase your ShowMes on the web and offer your insight with your students, companions, family, or the world!


Showbie is a task accommodation and reviewing instrument for work area and cell phones, tuned to flip and one-to-one computing classrooms. With the two of its free and paid versions, educators can make assignments and offer them with students, and students can submit their homework from a computer or cell phone. Instructors can offer composed feedback (by illustration or composing), and they can likewise record sound to give verbal input. Prominently, Showbie gives understudies a chance to submit assignments from numerous iPad applications, including applications where understudies compose, draw, create introductions, and make films. The paid adaptation of the application has essentially more highlights, including a grade book tool, a student portfolio, and extra highlights for encouraging talk among understudies/students and with guardians. And so its tagline says that it is “the heart of your paperless classroom.”



Notability is a standout amongst the most flexible applications accessible for notes taking. You can type or compose notes on journals and sort out them into envelopes or folders inside the application. In any case, it likewise gives you a chance to comment on PDFs, which can be extraordinary for reviewing student papers. Notability likewise records sound and gives you a chance to take notes in the meantime. In this way, you could be having a reading conference with the student, or testing their reading fluency with the sound recorder, while taking notes in the meantime on your iPad. One of the essential reasons is a direct result of the work processes that educators and understudies can make to retrieve, explain, and submit work. It allows to streamline your workflow, sketch with beautiful ink, search and convert handwritten notes, save time with multi-note, import and share, record and playback audio, auto-backup and icloud sync.



Edmodo is a  social learning stage intended to interface and team up inside the educational ambiance. It is a web-based social networking system which isn’t just ideal for instructors or teachers and understudies but also to guardians for sharing data in school. It works together and associate, share content, homework, school notification, as well as grades. For the most part, instructors can utilize Edmodo as an online slate and inbox. They can post surveys, tests, and task rules, and welcome students to submit completed assignments. There are different approaches to utilize Edmodo as instructor incorporating to speak with your students when you’re out of the study hall, or give updates to students who are missing from class, encourage venture based learning in your study hall by utilizing Edmodo’s features.


Bee-Bot is the ideal application to encourage youthful kids control, directional language, and programming. Bee-Bot can recall up to 40 directions, thus empowers progressively modern plans and projects. Youngsters love to show Bee-Bot how to go from place to place and figure out how to plan, check, and tell left from ideal as they do. It is similarly versatile to both home learning and school homeroom situations and lifts excitement for experimentation and adapting wherever it is utilized.The app has been developed with 12 stages. Each stage is time-bounded, and points are awarded to you based on how fast you complete your task.

8)Comic life

Comic Life is a phenomenal supplement to their exercise plans for starting and intermediate readers and authors. Comic Life is ideal for engaging readers and showing visual proficiency, ideal for coordinating STEAM and Common Core Standards into your exercises. Simple to learn and to amuse to utilize, Comic Life is an extraordinary device for any student. This app consists of a variety of fonts, templates, balloons, captions, and word art, which makes it a full of fun, powerful, and easy-to-use app that makes creating comics easier. So by the use of this app, you can build your comics anywhere and anytime.


9)Mathletics Students

Mathletics is the world’s driving instructive asset for arithmetic, made by the group behind the World Education Games. More than 4 million understudies in schools over the world are a piece of our worldwide learning network. Numerous schools have acquainted their understudies with the aggressive rushes given by Mathletics. On the off chance that your tyke’s school isn’t one of these, you can at present, let them experience learning and rehearsing maths by going up against kids from everywhere throughout the world. It is a slick and exciting student interface which provides its users with live Mathletics, which can be played by the students with others within their school or across the world in head-to-head arithmetic battles. Also, students can explore the full glossary of mathematical terms and expressions. All results and points recorded and synced to the accounts of the teachers, parents as well as the students. By the use of this app, the student can receive teacher-assigned homework task alerts.

10)Memrise: Learn Language Free

Memrise is a fun and effective memorization instrument for the homeroom and past. It utilizes some imaginative and simple approach to recollect words for learning English and various other languages. The focal point of this application is the help the clients extend their vocabulary by learning English words or another language in a viable manner. Memrise is being utilized so inventively and successfully to show subjects outside the domain of language vocabulary. Also, as its tag says “learning made more joyful” so it demonstrates it too through its highlights, for example, – Object recognition which enables you to Explore your general surroundings and adopt new vocab along with the pronunciation of words.


Nearpod offers educators a simple to-utilize tool for making intelligent exercise plans, introductions, evaluations, and advanced substance. Nearpod enables educators to make advanced exercise plans, share it with students amid class, and track singular advancement. Exercises are contained educator made slides that can incorporate content, video, pictures, sites, questions, tests, surveys, and assignments. Understudies can pursue the exercise on their gadgets at their very own pace, or educators can lead a synchronized session where understudies can pursue the exercise continuously.

12)News-o-Matic Edu

News-O-Matic is the primary day by day newspaper only for students. It gives an energizing and engaging true to life experience for understudies. On account of its one of a kind blend of publication and innovation, News-O-Matic makes creative answers for assistance understudies become tomorrow’s dependable residents. It gives youthful readers a window into the world — and motivation to adore perusing news


13) ONLYOFFICE Documents

ONLYOFFICE by Ascensio Systems is a  school and business based platform to manage and arrange various related documents. The application is accessible over various stages and is available in both free as well as paid versions. This cloud administration is good with MS Office arrangements and comes in at a moderate membership value contrasted with others. The application if free from in application adverts and is accessible in various dialects, also it provides collaboration of various users as well as co-editing of documents.

14) Socrative Teacher

Socrative Teacher is an astonishing application to use to evaluate students in your class. The usability of Socrative causes it so educators can accumulate information and evaluate their students just by a click. The instructor application gives you a chance to make and run tests and give general feedback.  Instructors can start developmental appraisals through tests, snappy inquiry surveys, leave tickets, and space races all with their Socrative Teacher application. Socrative does the evaluation and gives visuals of results to enable you to recognize open doors for further guidance.

 15) iMovie

iMovie is an application that can be utilized overall age bunches in schools. Educators can likewise utilize iMovie as a tool for presenting content in an important manner. The introductions made by iMovie are profoundly recognized and are perfect for study hall lectures. The instructors as well as the students, both of them can utilize iMovie to archive and record occasions outside of the school, and that has significance to the units being educated in the classroom. Understudies can utilize iMovie to recount stories using advanced media, including pictures, pictures, and music. This can improve their verbal familiarity and their open abilities.


Now that you know how to learn and work smartly, download and install these fantastic and best learning apps, which are a perfect amalgamation of technology to the considered boring subjects, to make it more exciting and fun to learn. Go ahead keeping aside all your hesitation and Keep Learning! Keep Growing!

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