Team Viewer Alternatives – Best Remote Desktop Softwares For PC

Remote Desktop Software is software which has a feature to remotely control one computer from another computer on any geographical location. Remote control means full control to the client’s system to help your keyboard and mouse.

Remote Access Software facilitates the user to control other user’s system due to any business reason like work area sharing, remote control, document exchange, and so forth. The remote desktop software is steadily utilized by the organization to access the issues of the Customer/Client.

Remote desktop software is extremely valuable for heaps of circumstances, from helping your friend to a client who lives 500 miles away, work through a PC issue, to remotely directing from your office.

For remote access, the software needs to be installed into the computer which you want to connect called host side and the systems used to resolve the issue by entering credentials, called client side.

As the remote desktop session begins, the client system connects via the internet to the host system and ask for access to connect and login. After login and validating credentials are given by the client, the user can see the data or screen of the hosted system and can perform the task.

In Remote Desktop, multiple connections are not possible, and if one tries to connect then the connection will be automatically terminated

The advantages of Remote Desktop are

  1. Recovery: In RDS you have less fear of losing any data by theft as all documents and files are stored in secure data centres. All connections to your remote desktop are encrypted to ensure your data is safe and secured from being hacked.
  2. Freedom to Work: It enables you to move with your laptop or computer system and work from anywhere, anytime.
  3. Cost Effective: This remote desktop system is cost effective as it will cut down your cost of purchasing Microsoft Office Suite, it has a a remote IT system package within it.

Team Viewer

Team Viewer is one of the most famous software in Remote Software Innovation industry. Team Viewer offers a secure connection to the computer systems. Team Viewer focuses on cloud-based technologies to enable online remote support to amplify people’s ideas and their ability to solve issues and overcome challenges.TeamViewer not only has remote access but also share meeting applications that run under all systems and mobile platforms. It can be used personally also.


  • Team viewer is simple and easy to install.
  • Team viewer connects easily across various locations.
  • Very handy in managing cloud pc using Team Viewer app.
  • It has a free version also with limited features which are more than enough for non-commercial use.


  • There is a lack of audio conference with VOIP and mobile phone on one bridge.
  • Sometimes after upgrading also the versions are not compatible with each other.
  • Team Viewer does not have the capability of viewing two remote systems at a time.
  • Team Viewer is not capable of sharing large size files as it lags in time intervals.

A lot many Remote Access Softwares available in the market which works as team viewer alternatives. The team viewer alternatives are mentioned below with all the necessary details for the user to decide which tool is better for their organization.

  • AeroAdmin

AeroAdmin is the best remote access software and the best Team Viewer alternative also that allows remote access from and to a computer, it allows file transfer and has the ability to connect through an unlimited number of remote computers. AeroAdmin is probably easy to use software for free remote access. There are not many settings, it is very quick which is perfect for spontaneous support.

The client PC just needs to run the AeroAdmin program and login after entering the credentials- ID and IP address and connect to request remote control.

The host computer should confirm the connection; you can start controlling the computer whether for sharing clipboard text, and transferring files. AeroAdmin is absolutely free for both personal and commercial use, but it does not have a chat option with it.

  • Ultra VNC

UltraVNC allows remote access to a computer that works a bit like Remote control,  where a server and viewer is installed on two PCs, and the viewer can control the server.

While downloading you’re asked for whether to download client or server, choose as per your requirement. UltraVNC Server is installed on the client computer and UltraVNC Viewer on the host.

Once the installation is completed, the client must enter the server’s IP address in the viewer program followed by the proper port number configured by the server.  However, with remote control, it adds various features such as an encryption plugin to secure the client/server connection.

  • Any Desk

AnyDesk is a best remote desktop software distributed by AnyDesk Software GmbH. It facilitates remote access to computers running the host application that can be installed on Windows, macOS, Linux and FreeBSD and the task should be performed smoothly. AnyDesk is free for personal use with limited function for non- commercial purpose.

Launch AnyDesk on the system you want to connect to and record the 9-digit number. As the client connects, the host will be asked to allow or disallow the connection and meanwhile, you can change control permissions, like to allow sound, clipboard use, and the ability to block the host’s keyboard/mouse control.

AnyDesk auto-updates and has a full-screen mode feature, balance between quality and speed of the connection, transfer files and sound, sync the clipboard, record the remote session, run keyboard shortcuts.

  • Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is another team viewer alternative and one of the best remote access software that has a free edition for both personal and commercial use. Zoho Assist is multi-functional remote access software that helps to access unattended computers and screen sharing.  You can share screens and files, and chat through a unique session ID and password.

The host also needs to download this software so that the client can remotely access in order to control the computer. The client needs to enter the ID and password of them into the system to connect. The client does not have full control rights, only viewing permissions. Change the setting-  Session > Request control, and wait for the host to click Yes.

Technicians can start the session from their browser, or the desktop or mobile application and easily resolve the issues.

  • Remote PC-

RemotePC is the simplest and best remote access software, without upgrading it allows you a single connection. It connects the system just by entering access ID and Key and allows video file, access multiple monitors, transfers files, makes sticky notes, sends keyboard shortcuts, and text chat etc.

You can also use RemotePC from the client’s perspective through the iOS or Android app.  RemotePC allows professionals to access and control their PCs remotely from any device including iOS/Android devices. Here you can also record sessions as a video file that will help you in future. It has a little disadvantage that it will let you keep remote access information for just one computer at a time.


  • Seecreen-

Seecreen (previously known as Firnass) is a tiny software (500 KB), yet powerful free remote access software that’s absolutely perfect for on-demand, instant support to your client. It is also a team viewer alternative that works effectively and efficiently while remote access.

Open the program on the systems that need to be controlled. After creating an account and logging in, you can add other users also to the menu either by their email address or username. If you don’t want to add the contact, you can just share the ID and password with the client so they can have instant access.

Once the two systems get connected, you can start a voice call or share your screen, an individual window, or part of the screen with the user. Once screen sharing has begun, you can record the session, transfer files, and run remote commands and control the system.


  • Lite Manager-

LiteManager is another remote access software, and it’s features are somehow similar to the other remote access software mentioned above. As other Remote access software supports up to 10 slots but LiteManager supports up to 30 slots for storing and connecting to remote computers and also has lots of useful features that help in resolving issues or transferring files efficiently.

The easiest way to set this up is to right-click the server program in the notification area of the taskbar, choose to Connect by ID and click Connected to generate a brand new ID.

Once connected, the client can take full control on the system and perform the task such as work with multiple monitors, transfer files silently, run a remote task manager, create a demonstration, lock the other person’s screen and keyboard, and text chat.


  • Comodo Unite-

Comodo Unite is a free remote access software that creates a secure VPN Connection among systems. Once a VPN get established, you can access remotely to the applications and files through the client software.

Install the Comodo Unite program on the system you wish to control and then make an account with Comodo Unite. With the help of this account you can keep track of the PCs you add to your account.

Files can only be shared if you start a chat, so it’s a bit difficult to share files with Comodo Unite as compared to the other remote desktop programs in this list. However, the chat is secure within the VPN, which you may not find in similar remote access software.



  • ShowMyPC

ShowMyPC is another free remote access program and Teamviewer alternative that is similar to UltraVNC (No. 2 in this list) but it uses a password to make a connection instead of an IP address. Run the ShowMyPC software on any computer to connect remotely and then choose Show My PC to get a unique ID number called a Share Password.

There are some additional options here that are not available with UltraVNC, like webcam sharing to a web browser and has scheduled meetings to feature that allows someone to connect to your PC via a web link that launches a Java version of ShowMyPC.

  • BeamYourScreen

Beam Your Screen also works as some of the others in this list, where the screen can be shared given an ID number that they share with another user so they can connect to the presenter’s screen. It is quick and easy to start sharing your screen without having to install anything.

The session can be started just by clicking the button to open up your computer for connections. You’ll be given a session number that you must share with someone before they can connect to the host.

Something unique about BeamYourScreen is that you can share your ID with multiple people so that other participants can also join in and look at the presenter’s screen.

Sometimes the resolution of your client’s monitor or desktop may vary from your desktop. In such a situation it will be difficult to work on your client’s remote desktop. At this point of time, you can use the ‘remote screen scaling’ feature to adjust the remote control window, based on the resolution of your client’s desktop.

No matter, what nature of office work you are performing, a remote desktop is a helpful way to resolve the issue from any location. But after this list, choosing a good remote desktop software may be quite confusing. Just select the category of required software from the list, and you are good to go.


In the above article, we have learned about what Remote Desktop software is, how it works, how to use them and all about there pros and cons. We also get to know about the satisfaction, performance, popularity and what is the impact of it on the organizations by using this software.

Hope this list would help you in selecting an apt Remote Access Software!

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