Lucky Patcher Apk Latest Version (TUTORIAL & DOWNLOAD)

In today’s digital age, game application development is increasing day by day and they have become part of a youth’s life. Playing games on smartphones is a great pass time activity for many youths across the world.

Nowadays there are a lot many games are available on our Android device that can be easily downloaded from the play store for free.

But sometimes games get annoying while showing ads and videos in between as well as some games have different features, rewards, coins but they are locked.

To unlock them you will have to upgrade the game to a premium level and I think that it’s a bad idea to spend our hard end money on purchasing the game resources

However, this disheartens the desire to play the games even if you are using an awesome Android game controller. To get rid of these problems, we are going to share an app for Android phones by using which you can enjoy any app or game without any disturbance and you will unlock lot many features of the games.

The app name called “Lucky Patcher”.

App Name    Lucky Patcher
Version 8.4.0
Price Free
Size 7.18 MB
Requirement Android 2.3+
Released On May 22, 2019


Yes, Lucky Patcher is one such app for android that will help you to hack the in-app purchases. Not only game hacking but also you can control your Android device including system or in-built apps.

What is Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher helps those individuals who love android games, they can crack the android games and enjoy to the fullest without taking the stress over the rewards, character and lives etc, which you would need to purchase by spending some money.  It gives you that brilliant chance of utilizing these all highlights without paying anything by any means. You can likewise change application consents, evacuate permit check, thus numerous analyses bringing about a total change in your android gadget. You can hack any game utilizing Lucky Patcher for example -Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Hill Climb Racing, Rail Rush, Highway Rider etc. Even this app also facilitates the user in removing the ads from the installed applications and let you enjoy the game with any disturbance. It is compatible with Android Version 2.3.3 and above and available in multiple languages.

**Lucky Patcher is not a virus or Malicious Software.


Lucky Patcher inspect the list of installed apps in device and show the actions to carry out, among which you’ll find the option to remove the license verification included on many apps needed to be download from Google Play to work; modify the permissions; extract the apk file to do backups; and other actions like removing Google Ads and other experiments that result in a complete change in your android device. This Apk can help you in using all premium or paid features in any applications for free.

What is the meaning of Lucky Patcher Color Code?

Along with options shown in the image above it has a color code like Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Orange, and Red on the title that indicates you while doing certain operations. Each color has a different meaning and those are explained below:-

  • Green color indicates that the application is with a license.
  • Yellow color indicates that the application is with a specific patch.
  • Blue color indicates that the application is with ads.
  • Purple color indicates that app that is on the device’s boot list.
  • Red color indicates that an app that can be patched or its license is removed.
  • Orange color is reserved for system application. As you can imagine, you’ll have to be careful if you don’t want to end up restoring our Android because you’ve modified a critical function of your device.

Requirements to Install Lucky Patcher-

Lucky Patcher can be easily downloaded in a device but it should meet certain requirements then only it will work properly. The requirements to install Lucky Patcher are as follows-

It is a hacking app; it requires that the Android device be rooted before installing the app. It is compatible with-

  • Smartphone with an Android version of 2.3.3(Gingerbread) and above.
  • Windows 7, 8 and 10.
  • RAM should at least 2GB to function properly.
  • 10 GB of internal storage is required by the app to function properly.

It provides the following Benefits-

  • It creates backups of an application to restore them later: with this function, we can take the backup of any app and restores it for the future. It saves data in a game and recovers it if it is needed while formatting our device.
  • Helps in modifying the permissions: some of the installed applications are encroaching in terms of our data as some apps can access our personal data but with Lucky Patcher, we can limit that access.
  • It can remove the license verification of an application: We can prevent our Google Play Service from verifying that whether we have a license to use a certain app. Very useful if the trial period of an app has expired.
  • It helps in unlocking various features like unlimited coins, gems, and other game resources, which you can only get by spending money
  • Remove ads from an app: it allows us to block in-app ads where some app forces us to show the videos as it consumes data and wastes the time also.
  • Create an Apk with the modifications carried out on an application: if want to modify an app, we can generate an Apk to transfer it to another device. Many users use it to distribute ad-free or hacked versions among others
  • Custom patch applications are available: We can create custom patches if we’ve enough programming skills and are familiar with the app’s internal code.

What are the Custom Patches in Lucky Patcher-

A custom patch is being developed especially for certain application or game to modify it as per user’s requirement and likes. Custom Patches can be found on Lucky Patcher’s official website and can be installed from there. They are mainly developed for the games.

Two options will be available for you: to download the custom patches and to show the last added custom patch to the app’s list. Lucky Patcher takes care of applications which have been installed and then compares them to the database to download or update the patches available for the installed app.

The advantages custom patches are that it will do adjustments on the applications automatically that you have installed on your phone without trying all Lucky Patcher’s options one by one.

Is Lucky Patcher legal?

We can confirm that Lucky Patcher is legal. Basically, it can be used to hack and remove licenses from the apps and games in our android phones, it breaks many rules that Google Play force on developers. It’s legal or illegal it totally depends on how you use it. It is quite difficult to get caught using this app so it’s up to you totally depends on you whether to pay to make use of somebody else’s work or steal it for free.

Is Lucky Patcher is safe?

Lucky Patcher’s safety depends totally on all users’ knowledge. In fact, the official website warns us for using this app that the user is only responsible for using the application or for any incorrect functioning of the operating system.

If you’ve tried to access its official page from Google Chrome, you may have seen an indication that it is a malicious site. Similarly, in the app, you’ll get a warning message about the dangers surrounding this app. That’s why Google has marked it as an untrustworthy application because its functions are focused on modifying apps and remove licenses verification of use and removing ads. However, if you use the app in a correct manner knowing what you’re, you won’t run into any problems.

How to Install the Lucky Patcher Apk-

Lucky Patcher is an amazing hacking app after knowing all its features and benefits you might be interested in to download it to hack games and apps of your Android device. As mentioned above, being a hacking app this app is not available on Google Play Store; so, you can download its apk file from the link given below. The Apk file is small in size, does not consume much space. It is easy to download and install as mentioned in the steps given below-

Step 1- To begin with, download the Lucky Patcher Apk file from the link given below-



While you finish downloading, the Lucky Patcher original apk will not be automatically installed in most of the smartphones. If you are worried about this, don’t worry what you need to do is that you will have to enable the “Installation from Unknown Sources” options to install LP.

For this you will have to go the Settings > Lock Screen and Security> Unknown Sources > Swipe Right

Step 2. After completing download open the apk file of Lucky Patcher and install it. To locate the file check the download list or go to the file manager. If your smartphone does not have any pre-installed file manager app, you can download any other third party file manager. Then go the file manager and search for ‘Lucky Patcher Apk’ in the downloads folder.


Step 3. After locating the Lucky Patcher Apk just open and click install. You will see that the installation of the app will start.

Step 4. Next,  a warning message will prompt at your screen stating-  ‘Blocked By Play Protect’.


Go ahead and ignore this warning and ignore it. The only reason for this warning popping up is because Google does not want you to hack in-app purchases. Nothing else, no need to be worried about.



After clicking on the ‘Details’ there is an option of ‘Install Anyway’. Click on it and install it.

Let the installation get completed. This may take some time not more than a few seconds. Once it is installed, you will get to have handed over most of the premium apps.

How to fix errors while installing Lucky Patcher

Many users complaint while installing the app, so here is the solution for that. We have shared a guide for those also, who found problems while installing the app these steps will help you successfully.

  • Open play store and tap on , you will get an option of “Play Protect” over there.
  • After that disable the “Scan device for security threats” option.
  • You will receive a warning, Ignore that and click OK

Then try to download Apk file of Lucky Patcher, and then app will be successfully installed.

How to Use Lucky Patcher App-

To be honest in-app purchases in a hacking app is not a big deal, however, you just need to know the exact process for a better experience. Follow the steps given below and you will seamlessly hack most of the in-app purchases.

Step 1. Open Lucky Patcher in your android device. Go to the Toolbox, at the bottom of the screen and tap on ‘Patch to Android.


Step 2-  Select all the patches displayed on the screen and the device will reboot, wait until it gets rebooted.

Step 3. Close the Lucky Patcher app and leave it in the background running apps. Now continue to the app or game which you want to hack In-app purchases.

Step 4. You will see the shopping menu browser. See for the in-app purchase that you want to make and select it. Now tap the buy button or whatever option is available for buying there.

Step 5. As you click on the buy option, message prompt– “Do you want to get this item for free?” Tap yes to purchase it for free.

And you are done with app! Grab all the paid stuff absolutely free of cost and enjoy the game to the fullest.

List of Apps Compatible with Lucky Patcher

Here is the list of apps that are supported by Lucky Patcher, here is the List of Android Apps Supported with an app called Lucky Patcher:

  • AutoRap by Smule
  • N7 Music player
  • Rocket Music player
  • Titanium backup
  • EvolveSMS v1.8.6
  • Link2sd
  • NetQin Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos
  • Avast Mobile security
  • GoldenDict
  • AutoMapa
  • XPrivacy
  • AIDE
  • Locus map pro
  • cPro
  • Go SMS pro
  • Jota+
  • anMoney
  • TSF Shell 3D
  • Rocking shortcuts lite
  • Kii keyboard
  • Widgetlocker
  • Photo editor
  • L Lockscreen
  • Microsoft Office Mobile
  • StyleTap
  • Greenify
  • All Cast
  • Blacklist
  • CustomWeather
  • Plume for Twitter
  • OPG Pro v10.x.x And Above
  • Loader Droid download manager,
  • Oprivate
  • Sleep as Android for v20140905+
  • Endomondo sports tracker V10.2.x And Above
  • PowerLine for v2.1+
  • Taskie for v1.2+
  • Reactor for v1.7+
  • Tinted Status Bar BETA for 1.8.9+
  • MHDroid Public Transport for v20131227+
  • Weather Clock for v2.0+
  • EverClip for v1.1.4+
  • Battery Cartoon Widget for v1.7+
  • Dock4Droid for v3.5+
  • Number Remember for v1.1+
  • News+ | Google News RSS Reader for v1.1.2
  • Mindroid for v1.5.4+
  • Twilight for V3.5+


So this was the guide all about Lucky Patcher Apk. Hope you have found the article useful. However, I should drive your attention to the points that all Android apps and games are not hackable, so be careful always.

Although many sites share the various article of fake apps for generating revenue, this is the 100% original apk from Lucky Patcher. And, if you come across any problems throughout the process or have any suggestions for us please do write to us, you are always welcome.

A lot many applications and games are getting popular day-by-day. The only problem that most of the android users face is with the applications and games come with in-app purchases. In order to enjoy the features of any game but that has locked resources, the users have to spend their money to unlock them. Thus, these apps help them to hack the apps and enjoy the features and rewards. However, hacking as easy as it sounds. It is a very difficult and risky task to hack an app as there are several complicated steps involved in it. Fortunately, Lucky Patcher is available now for you all. It is a hacking application that can patch any game or app and bypass its billing system. Moreover, the task of hacking can be completed in a few simple steps but in an appropriate manner. Apart from hacking, this useful app also helps in removing unnecessary ads for the apps, they used to disturb the user while using the app or playing the game as it loses the concentration and makes you feel irritated sometimes. It is very helpful in removing unnecessary permissions, system files, and license verification.

If any doubts and queries you have. Please comment below in comment section.

Hope you liked it!!!!

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