Gbwhatsapp Apk Download Free (Anti-Ban)

WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded and used applications everywhere in the globe. As it is a popular app you all have downloaded it in your device and have used all of its functions.

Today I am going to introduce you about a new MOD application called GBwhatsapp. It is basically an updated version of Whatsapp and has more functionalities as compared to WhatsApp.

Nowadays, GBWhatsApp is the best app for Android and WhatsApp which helps you in installing a dual WhatsApp application on your mobile at the same time. It supports media files and attachments, some people are using it as their primary messaging app.

The Whatsapp app supports only one registered account at a time but GBWhatsApp has the most amazing feature of creating two WhatsApp accounts can use two in a single mobile.

What is GBwhatsapp Apk?

GBWhatsApp is a third party application which facilitates people to use certain features of the WhatsApp easily. It is getting popular as people love to try some of the astonishing features available in GBWhatsapp apk latest Version without compromising with the security. These additional features make people enjoy these better features of the application without affecting the performance over a period of time.

GBWhatsApp apk is getting popular day by day due to its features, packages, themes. This is a secured app that offers the best security services provided by the original WhatsApp, and that is why GBWhatsApp an outstanding app.

GBWhatsApp has a theming feature that allows you to create your own customized WhatsApp theme. You can apply this theme to your WhatsApp and enjoy while chatting with your friends and closed ones. It has lot many features where you can freeze – your last seen, the message delivered (tick), and read (double blue tick) indications and you can also set your WhatsApp status as online forever.

It has an inbuilt lock feature which will lock your WhatsApp application when you minimize it. This gives you the option of changing the application logo colour to avoid confusion between the original WhatsApp and the GBWhatsApp. This is the most unique feature of this app. You can make a voice call, video call or even a conference call and even you can read the deleted message also.


Version Name 6.85
App size 28.52 MB
Requires Android Android 4.0+
App Name GbWhatsapp 6.85
Root Required Nope
Main Task Based on Whatsapp with an extra hidden feature


Advantages by using GBwhatsapp Status

Extra features –  The extra features in Gbwhatsapp will save time and effort as it performs some tasks automatically in an easy way. You people can check can compare different kinds of additional features available in the WhatsApp. The extra features of GB WhatsApp are beneficial for every individual because it helps them to enjoy the technology in the advanced stage regularly. These extra features can be used by most of the professional users and organizations effectively.

Security – It is a totally secured app and its security is one of the important elements to consider for every Android user because it protects their data against various threats regularly. There are different kinds of security measures taken by applications while using the application easily. It has an advanced level of security programs in the application which helps people to send and receive images from various sources safely.

Easy to use options – GBWhatsApp application is easy to use the app. It has attracted a lot of people in the current market because it offers seminar interface without affecting the performance and security of a user. The user-friendly interface of this application plays a crucial role as it helps them to explore various features and options in the application regularly.

Dual accounts – It is useful for those who use two numbers in WhatsApp because it helps them to communicate with another without affecting the functionality from time to time. Gbwhatsapp apk provides an easy way to create two accounts on the same application. The dual account option helps them to maintain two numbers without compromising on the security elements in an effective way.

Features of GBWhatsapp APK

It has Custom Themes features

The custom themes in the GBwhatsApp provides a beautiful interface while accessing the app on a regular basis. The custom themes can be designed by the user based on the themes available which help everyone to create a personalized place to enjoy.

Multi-language options

Multi-language options in this app are one of the unique features it helps them to attract people from different countries also. It is widely suggested for users to check and compare different kinds of language options available in the application. GB WhatsApp supports more than two languages which with every user can use this feature to the maximum extent by texting and communicating with another user in regional language.

Block calls & messages

Blocking calls and messages in the application play an important role for every user because it helps them to restrict unwanted calls and messages. Most of the business organizations are using WhatsApp in order to promote their products and in a quick span of time. Blocking calls and messages is an important aspect to consider at every professional level as it helps them to avoid commercial messages and calls without compromising on the performance in an easy way.

Always online feature 

GBwhatsApp provides has an option for people to stay online all the time in order to attract users and customers from time to time. Most of the commercial entities would prefer to use GBwhatsApp over traditional WhatsApp application as it shows online around the clock in order to access their customers. The last seen feature can be edited depending upon the necessity of the user.

Hide WhatsApp Tick 

WhatsApp provides an easy way for people to see the reader’s confirmation of reading the message. The role of tick mark feature is that it informs the user whether the other person has read the message or not in an easy way. With the GBwhatsApp a user can play with WhatsApp tick mark and hide it depending on the necessity. These options in the WhatsApp helps people to communicate without compromising on the performance in an effective way.

Freeze last seen option

Last seen feature is one of the highly used options by most of the users because it helps them to figure out the users active status in an easy way. In GBwhatsapp app it is possible for people to freeze last seen feature which helps most of the users to stay away from the communication from time to time. Most of the people prefer to freeze the last seen option while using GB WhatsApp because it helps them to provide an impression for other users about their active status is a genuine way.

Send video clips with more space 

The traditional WhatsApp app restricts people to send videos below 20 MB because it helps the server to transfer the video file faster but in Gbwhatsapp a user can share more than 30MB video file in a quick span of time. It also helps them to choose the right format to avoid wasting time on productivity on a regular basis.

Send images more than 30 at one shot 

The GBWhatsapp has attracted a lot of people in the current market because it allows people to send more than 30 images at the same time save a lot of time in an effective way. Most of the people who prefer to use GB WhatsApp over traditional WhatsApp is just because of its this feature as it helps them to save time and work effectively.

Change icons 

The GBwhatsApp provides an easy way for users to change the icon of the application which is installed on the mobile phone. It is easy to change the main icon of the GBwhatsApp and replace it with a necessary image. It is highly recommended for people to check a list of icons available in the GBwhatsApp market store and the user can pick up the suitable option to use it for a long span of time.


Install Gbwhatsapp Apk in your Android Device-

  • Download the  GBwhatsapp APK from the download button available on this page
  • After downloading GBWhatsapp Apk- found the file, click and wait for few seconds until the download GBWhatsapp process is done.
  • After completing this process visit the settings > security > enable Unknown sources




  • Then the device will allow installing of this application in your device.
  • Search for the downloaded Gbwhatsapp file and tap to install.
  • As the installation process will complete open the app.


  • After that enter your mobile number to activate GBwhatsapp and than you can start using this app on your Android device.

Free GBWhatsapp Themes

The main reason behind the popularity of this app is its astonishing features which are impossible to find in any other application. Although, there are a lot many features in this app and the most amazing feature is GBWhatsapp themes. It is one of the most fascinating features by which you can select the themes for your app and feels extremely good with new theme and graphics.

There are many beautiful and attractive colour themes available here specially designed for girls. Moreover, if you are a game lover there are a lot of themes related to the different games are available. Furthermore, if you love nature, then there are plenty of themes inspired by nature which you can use as graphics over there.

One more thing about the latest feature is that you can change the theme anytime without any hassle. So, if you are worried about how to apply and download the themes. Then don’t worry following mentioned are the easy steps through which you can download and apply these themes.

  • If you have downloaded the file then it’s OK if not then download on your smartphone.
  • When installation gets completed in your phone this app.
  • Open the menu button and click the GBwhatsapp settings option.
  • After that move towards the theme bar and click the option download themes.
  • After installing the selected themes, now click on the apply button and enjoy your favourite theme.

GBWhatsapp is Safe or Unsafe?

GBWhatsApp 100% safe to use in my opinion. This app is with so many exciting features, it fails in comparison to the original app and there is a high chance that they might steal the data of your device’s settings. GB WhatsApp is safe and secure and asks for your permission before using any information from your device. Similarly, like WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp reads your device’s location, contact list, gallery etc. to remain in sync with your device and give you the best experience. However, apart from these features mentioned above in the article, there are no reasons that a user should prefer this app over the official WhatsApp. Therefore, this app is useful for those who’d like to have two accounts in a single phone or those who use the app to send multiple pictures, audios and videos of heavy configuration and size. But, if you want to share sensitive data, then this app becomes a bit less safe as it is a third party app. So, please use it carefully because with lot many exciting features you data privacy also matters. Hence, use it carefully and take care of your data.

Let me conclude this topic about GBwhatsapp and want to tell you at last that it is an unofficial and mod apk created like WhatsApp which has lot many features. Its legality and Illegality depends fully on the user’s use. So, this is my humble request from all of you- please use this GBwhatsapp Application to enjoy only not for hacking other person’s data as it is an offensive crime. There are lot many apps which I have shared with you all but do remember using this app for your personal joy, not any other criminal reasons. I am not sure about GBWhatsapp whether it is hundred per cent legal app.

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